What Makes Students Enjoy University Life in Spain

Last updated on 30 May 2024
What Makes Students Enjoy University Life in Spain

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By Sonia Azalia

Have you ever wonder how Spain is as a studying destination?

Though Spain is mostly known for it’s football league and lush tourist destinations, it's also on the top international student’s list for study abroad location, according to International Institute for Education’s statistics.

With 76 universities spread across the regions, Spain's rich cultural and historical heritage, added to its affordable cost of living, has made it one of the popular destination choices for international students. (For a complete list of universities in Spain, click here.)

According to the International Student Satisfaction Awards 2016 statistics, Spain's city and culture, academics and social life are international student’s top three reasons why they enjoy their study time. Below we explain deeper how these three aspects make university student life in Spain enjoyable:

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International students find a lot of flexibility learning in Spain's universities.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a good basis in spanish, for plenty of courses are offered in English too.

The relationship between the lecturers are usually non-formal. You’ll find lecturers and students in some universities calling each other ‘tio’, which translates roughly in English as ‘mate’.

If students are used to keeping silent in front of professors out of the fear of being wrong, then the argumentative nature of seminars and the usual 15-minute oral exams in Spanish universities will make them subconsciously conquer that fear.

With all that academic flexibility, students experience a non-stiff learning process and feel encouraged to express their opinions more.

Popular University in Spain: Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

Universitas Populer di Spanyol: Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

City and Culture

Spain's combination of warm climate and diverse landscapes make of its enriching outdoor lifestyle.

Outside the four walls of classes and libraries, students study by the poolside, at the beach or by the hills. When the books are set aside, the outdoor lifestyle begins to offer more.

A slow-paced activity would be exploring the city’s architectural beauty or visiting its museums. Active outdoor activities, depending whether you’re on the beachside or by the hills, offers plenty: From paddle-boarding, scuba diving, volleyball, body surfing, water-skiing, banana boating, swimming, sailing, swimming in turquoise lakes, to hiking, even skiing and snowboarding In some regions with snow-capped mountains.

You can also try something traditional like horse-riding and equestrian activities to their national sports like playing football and tennis.

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Social Life

Spaniards are known for their friendliness, making it easier for foreigners to adapt to their environment and unique social life.

During the day, the social life in Spain revolves around taking in fresh air, relaxing in terraces or roaming the city center. After the sun sets and the night grows late, the vibrant nightlife begins. You'll find it normal for people in their 60's roaming around the streets in 3 AM. From traditional festivals and fairs to its trendiest beach and city clubs—Spain is what they call 'the capital of dusk-til-dawn dance culture'.

Having to cope with the incredibly late nights and early morning classes to follow the slow-steady to spontaneously vibrant lifestyle might be challenging to adjust, yet its experiences like these that make the years of any university students unforgettable.

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