EHEF Indonesia


European Higher Education Fair Indonesia is an annual education exhibition for prospective Indonesian students who are interested to pursue their education abroad, specifically, in distinguished European institutions. EHEF Indonesia is the largest education exhibition in Indonesia. We aim to be a one-stop destination for prospective Indonesian students to get information regarding study in Europe and for European higher education institutions to promote high-quality education in Europe as an excellent alternative for Indonesian students. EHEF is endorsed by Delegation of the European Union to Indonesia and Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia Ministry of Education and Culture, and supported by European Embassies, also media partners.

Europe has been one of the leading study and research destinations for International students, offering both cutting-edge education and value for money. European Higher Education Institutions offer high academic standards, a great variety of international degree programmes, advanced research facilities, and a most impressive diverse cultures, languages and societies. Those have been the reasons for hundreds of thousands of foreign students each year to study in Europe. Based on our registration data, attendance at the fairs exceeded 15,000 visitors each year during the four-day event.

Following the success story of previous EHEFs, the EHEF Committee and Delegation of the European Union to Indonesia, and Brunei Darussalam presents the 12th European Higher Education Fair in Indonesia, that accommodates the information delivery on studying in Europe as an alternative destination to pursue excellent quality of higher education for Indonesian students and professionals.

Why Participate in EHEF Indonesia?

  • Indonesia as potential market

    Located in the heart of South East Asia, Indonesia has become the largest archipelago in the world. Indonesia is the fourth most populous country in the world, has high domestic consumption and low public debt. These key strengths make it as a high-potential emerging nation. With a population of more than 261 millions in 2016, Indonesia continues to post significant economic growth. The country’s gross national income per capita has steadily risen from $2,200 in the year 2000 to $4,116 in 2017.

  • A proven success story continued

    EHEF has become the most awaited and prestigious annual education fair in Indonesia. The visitors flow in this recent years suggested that EHEF has become the trusted source of information and insight that put your institutions into perspective. In 2019, we successfully attracted 120 exhibitors and more than 16,600 visitors to EHEF Indonesia (Surabaya, Jakarta, and Bandung)

  • Minimum Cost, Maximum Return

    Throughout the past 11 years, this event is fully supported by EU Delegation and dedicated solely for European HEIs, to be able to promote their countries and HEIs as a study destination for prospective Indonesian students. As a non-profit event, we could reduce EHEF participation fee to the minimum amount compared to the other education fairs in Indonesia and Asia.

  • The EU Flagship event in Indonesia

    EHEF has already transformed to be the biggest education fair in Indonesia. Our exhibitors are the official representatives of European HEIs and our great number of visitors are prospective students and their parents, who have a great interest to pursue their studies abroad.

  • A Greater Online Exposure is a platform for students to find information about studying in  Europe. All universities participating at EHEF 2020 will have an updated profile page and a forum on This will allow a greater online exposure and serve as an additional access to promote the universities to students from ASEAN countries.

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