Scholarship Programmes offered by France

Last updated on 22 May 2024
Scholarship Programmes offered by France


By Sonia Azalia

Did you know that the chic country of France is also known for its excellent Master programs?

France has a government investing heavily in the quality of their country's higher education, hence why it is becoming an increasingly popular studying destination for students worldwide. So far, the country recruits about 300,000 students per year.

France offers a unique Higher Education Experience

Aside from its affordability, language and historic universities, French's unique higher education experience had been one of its main attractions.

The higher education system in France follows a three-level system. Undergraduate students will begin by pursuing a License (similar to a bachelor's degree), followed by master level training, then finally, the doctorate level. The license takes three years to complete, with two years necessary for a master program. A doctorate usually requires three additional years.

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France also different types of higher education institutes:

1. Universities

These public institutes of higher education are financed by the French State. Located all around France, the universities confer national degrees (Bachelor's, Master's, Doctorate) that all have the same academic value.

2. Grandes Ecoles

Public and private institutes of higher education, such as Écoles Normales Supérieures (ENS -Institutes of Advanced Education)Instituts d’Etudes Politiques (IEP - Political Science Institutes)engineering schools, business and management schools, veterinary schools, that are recognised by the State

They confer degrees for 5 years of undergraduate studies, and some award the title of Master. Much of the training is provided in English. Entries to these kind of institutions are highly competitive

3. Specialized school and specific programmes

Public and private institutes of higher education that offer courses in specific sectors such as medicine, audio-visual, communication, journalism, fashion and design, agronomy, political science, etc. These institutes confer degrees and certificates that may or may not be recognised by the State. Studies there generally last two to five years.

4. School of art and applied arts

Training in art, design and communication is provided in two steps of three or five years, with national degrees awarded on successful completion. There are nearly 50 public schools of art and design directly overseen by the Ministry of Culture.

Find the list of universities in France, here.

Earning Masters in French Universities

French universities are well-funded by the French State. This is reflected in the cost of tuition in France (€256 per year at public universities), with fee caps making French Masters programmes some of the most affordable in Europe. This affordability, combined with their unique higher education is persuasive enough to the almost 300,000 students who had chosen France as their studying destination.

Just to give you an idea, Postgraduate programs in France fall into three main categories

  • Taught Masters (MAs/MScs/MEng)
  • Research Masters (MRes/ MA by Research)
  • Doctorates and PhDs.

Taught Masters are postgraduate courses that are in a similar pattern to undergraduate studies, with lectures, seminars and tutorials given, in which students are expected to research topics on their own and take and independent approach to their studying.

Research Masters are often seen as pre-requisites to entering a PhD program, in which students must research a particular topic independently and focus on improving the research skills that are possessed to produce a dissertation or final project. 

Depending upon the area of study that is selected, earning a postgraduate degree at a French university varies can be earned either within a period of four years or a period of one to two years.  

Opportunities for ASEAN students

The fact that the French government includes non-European students to their 90% university fee support goes to show their wide-stretched arms towards international students. French universities are also offering more and more of their Master programmes in English, especially within the fields of International Business, Management, Marketing, Economics and MBA, but also in fields such as International Studies, Engineering, Technology and Law, to name just a few. 

We've listed below scholarship programmes offered by Campus France, under the auspices of the French Institute in Indonesia (IFI), where ASEAN students are able to apply to.

Official Website: Campus France

1. Eiffel Scholarships

This programme is available for students from developing countries who would like to continue their studies in France in a duration of one to two years. Eiffel scholarships is available on 26 – 1st December each year.

The fields of study included in this programme are:

  • Law
  • Economy and Management
  • Engineering for Masters level, as well as Science in a broader scope for Ph.D. (Engineering, Science, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Life Sciences, Nano and Biotechnology, Earth Sciences, Universe, Environmental Sciences, and Information and Communication Technology).

Candidates are required to be no older than 30 years old (Masters), and no older than 35 years old (PhD). The priority areas include Sciences, Political Sciences, Agriculture, Social Sciences, and Engineering.

Applicants will be given a monthly allowance of  €1,181 for recipients of Master's scholarships and  €1,400 Euros for recipients of Ph.D scholarships, departure tickets to France and return to Indonesia, social security for students with more than 28 years of age, health insurance for students less than 28 years of age, cultural activities, and additional housing allowances (if fulfilling certain conditions).

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2. Bourses D'Excellence IFI

The French Government, through the French Institute of Indonesia (IFI) - Embassy of France in Indonesia addresses this programme to outstanding Indonesian students, no older than 30 and with excellent study and career records, wishing to pursue their Master’s degree (M1 or M2) in France. 

This programme is open to all fields of study. This year, as part of the French initiative Make Our Planet Great Again (MOPGA), a priority will be given to the following fields:

  • Science: Air / Atmosphere, Biology, Chemistry, Water, Ecosystem, Energy Sustainability, Oceanography, Earth Science, Environmental Risks
  • Technology: Big Data, Waste Management
  • Health and Nutrition
  • Law and Politics: Environmental law, Public Policies
  • Agriculture

Candidates are required to be an Indonesian nationality, aged 30 years or less, have a minimum of bachelor's degree, a profile of excellence, have already been accepted by a French higher education institution for the 2018-2019 school year, and have not received any scholarship from another establishment.

Applicants will be given a monthly allowance, social security coverage, as well as a tuition fee waiver for the two years of the Master’s programme with the scholarship for the second year only being awarded (on the condition that the student successfully complete their first year).

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If you would like to ask your questions regarding the scholarship programmes in person to the representatives, you could attend EHEF Indonesia 2018 this November! Register here!