B.J. Habibie's Struggles During His Studies at Germany Will Inspire You

Last updated on 13 Jun 2024
B.J. Habibie's Struggles During His Studies at Germany Will Inspire You

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Originally writter by Nurchalimah (Translated by Sonia Azalia)

We return with an inspirational story from one of Indonesia's greatest figures, B.J. Habibie, who possesses a life story that deserves to be emulated. One of them is during his years as a struggling yet highly dedicated student in Germany. Curious? Read the story below!

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Garnering Knowledge in His Own Expenses

Young B.J. Habibie is one of those young Indonesians with a high morale when it comes to pursuing education. The decision to continue his studies in Germany can be considered as one of his most challenging life decisions.

Before continuing his education in Germany, B.J. Habibie had taken electro studies at ITB for 6 months, then, afterwards, decided to continue his undergraduate and graduate studies in Germany. He was determined to become someone useful for his nation and aspired to create an aircraft that can carry his people across the vast maritime regions of Indonesia. Surely he wanted this dream manifested by the sweat of his own people instead of by profits gained from exporting natural resources or by foreign debt. His will to move all the way to Germany to cultivate his dream began from these noble ideals.

He didn't get a scholarship, but studied at his own expense given by his parents instead. Hadn't there been a scholarship, or had he not been able to get it? Actually, B.J. Habibie's parents felt their son's education should not be financed by anyone else. All costs are borne by both parents even though they are not from among the ranks; as his mother has only a catering and dormitory business.

A Diligent and Dedicated Student

In order to ease his parents' burden in financing his education, B.J. Habibie chose to live away from the city center in an area with limited facilities. He was even willing to walk from where he lived to his campus just to save transportation costs.

However, all his hard work eventually paid off. Although he was equipped with a limited expense, B.J. Habibie was able to complete his Bachelor's and Doctoral's outstandingly.

After earning his Master's, he was finally determined to work as a professor's assistant until he got a chance to continue his Doctorate with a scholarship. B.J. Habibie officially obtained his Doctoral degree in aircraft technology at the age of 28, which is arguably a very young age to earn a Doctorate. Added by his baby-faced face, some people find it hard to believe he is a doctoral graduate.

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Memorable Experiences

During his life in Germany, B.J. Habibie became accustomed to solving his own problems. He still applied the values ​​taught by his parents back home in living day to day life.

One thing he likes about Germany is their library. According to him, the libraries opens longer and are more free to visit. This made him felt he had a greater chance in gaining insight and knowledge while living in Germany.

More than so, there was a time experienced a funny incident. B.J. Habibie's ability to have an above-average skill in German language for a foreigner made his friends wonder of his true origins. In the end he had to reply with a joke that his cannibal father had eaten the flesh of a German, so he had German blood ever since.

His commitment and determination to be the best and to surpass the Germans in terms of knowledge successfully made his abilities acknowledged by the world. Until today he is known and admired by the world, especially by the German natives themselves, as a figure of genius.

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