Behind the Iconic “I amsterdam” Letters

Last updated on 17 Jul 2024
Behind the Iconic “I amsterdam” Letters

By Rebecca Isjwara


If you’re thinking of travelling around the city of Amsterdam, Netherlands, you’re not the only one! Amsterdam’s iconic “I amsterdam” letters make for a symbolic photo opportunity, and three sets of the slogan can be found at different locations around town: one at the back of Rijksmuseum on Museumplein, one at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, and the last loves to move around to make appearances at fashion shows, fairs, festivals, and other events that might be of interest (check periodically here).

The letters stand more than two meters tall and 23.5 meters wide, making it a perfect icon to play around with while taking pictures. Visitors have popped their heads between the letters, stood in front of it, and even lied on top.

“I amsterdam” was first launched in September 2004 as the city’s marketing campaign for Amsterdam’s business and promotional activities. Thanks to the slogan’s charm, residents started owning the phrase and the icon quickly spread to tourists and visitors alike.

When will you have your picture with “I amsterdam”?