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Last edited on 30 May 2024

Uni-Italia Indonesia


Jalan Diponegoro no.45
Jakarta 10310
Tlp: +62 21 3192 3490
HP/WA: +62 81 80 80 13932
Email : indonesia@uni-italia.it
Website: http://www.uni-italia.net

Uni-Italia Indonesia

We are the only center body for Academic Promotion and Orientation to continue your study destination to Italia. In addition to its Headquarters in Rome, at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Uni-Italia is present with its offices at Italian Embassies and Consulates abroad in the following countries: China (Beijing, Shanghai, Canton, Chongqing), India (New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata), Indonesia, Iran, Vietnam.

Uni-Italia will be glad to assist and counselling you and also inform about Italian Higher Education to our future Indonesia Students that they have choice to continue study to Italia. Italia has many variety study programmes and they offered a very specific one.

For Indonesia Office, please kindly contact the person in charge below,
Head of Uni-Italia Office: Romero Sinaga       
Uni-Italia Office, at the Embassy of Italy in Jakarta    
Jalan Diponegoro n.45, Menteng, Jakarta, 10310            
Tel: +62 21 3192 3490
WhatsApp : +62 81 80 80 13932