Study in Slovakia

Study in Slovakia

Last edited on 30 May 2024

Welcome to Slovakia!

Located in central Europe and has a population of about 5.4 millions inhabitants. Slovakia has borders with 5 countries: Poland, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic and Ukraine.

Besides moderate living costs and internationally recognized diploma, you can enjoy breathtaking nature. Nine national parks, deep valleys, large forest or beautiful lakes – that are only part of wonders of Slovak nature. If you are lucky, you can meet wolvers, bears, chamois or lynx during your expeditions.

Mountains present unique chapter in Slovakia, since they form landscape of country and helped to preserve colorful regional traditions and identities. To be precise, each mountain range has a national park by the same name: High Tatras, Low Tatras, Lesser Fatra, Small Carpathian, Pieniny, Slovak Paradise, Poloniny and Muránska planina.

Universities in Slovakia

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