Study in Greece

Study in Greece

Last edited on 30 May 2024

Welcome to Greece!

This Mediterranean country is widely recognized as the intellectual wellspring to which modern Western culture owes many of its linguistic, philosophical, cultural, legal, social and ethical beliefs and systems. Concepts of individualism, freedom, democracy and government all have their roots in the great thinkers of Ancient Greece, whose ideas are still widely read and debated today. Keen to follow in the footsteps of Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Epicurus and so many other great questioners and innovators – while enjoying some delicious Greek cuisine, sunny weather and lively cities?

Whether you plan to study in Greece as an exchange, undergraduate or graduate student, you will enjoy Greece's impressive historical and cultural heritage. Greece, member of the European Union since 1981, is considered to be the cradle of the Western Civilization and also birthplace of the democracy, the Olympic Games, Western literature and historiography, political science, and major scientific and mathematical principles.

The geo-political position of Greece puts her in the center of attention in the south-eastern part of Europe. As a nodal point and entrance gate of the European Union, it is characterized by intense activation of not only Greek but also multinational companies in neuralgic financial sectors such as commerce, tourism and offering of services. The recruitment of these companies is in a great percentage made by the graduates of the country’s educational institutions that are distinguished by the high educational level that they provide. Education which is mainly related to the market’s trends, proportionally to the numerous years of experience of these institutions and their affiliations with other top European and American universities. By studying in Greece, you acquire not only the infrastructure needed for a successful professional career but also all the qualifications for further studies.

Higher Education System

You have several options for studying in Greece.You can enrol in an English-taught degree programme or if you speak Greek,enrol in a Greek programme.On the ather hand,if you are not interested in a degree programme but want to do your traineeship in Greece,there are several options that are worth considering.You may also want to take a look at the map of Greece,to see where Athens and Thessaloniki, the two cities which gather the majority of higher education institutions of the country,are located.

 There are just over 20 universities in Greece, spread across the country and all within the public sector. While teaching is mainly in Greek, specialized study programs are also available in other languages (most commonly English), at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. These universities are joined by 15 Technological Educational Institutes (TEIs), which offer higher education programs with a focus on practical and professional skills, in subjects such as applied technology, healthcare, agriculture, management and art and design. Overall Greece’s higher education system is well-respected, ranked 41st in the world in the first edition of the QS Higher Education System Strength Rankings.