Study in LIUC - Università Carlo Cattaneo with Scholarship
Study in LIUC - Università Carlo Cattaneo with Scholarship
LIUC - Università Carlo Cattaneo
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Study in LIUC - Università Carlo Cattaneo

Last edited on 20 Apr 2024

LIUC-Università Cattaneo was created in 1989 by the convergent will of 300 entrepreneurs in the Province of Varese (UNIVA) and Alto Milanese to create a university that would address economics-law-technology-science- and management, in order to prepare young people according to the real needs of the labour world.

It is the only Italian university, founded and directly managed by an entrepreneurial Association, created to provide training as close as possible to the demands of the business world and adapted to a local context characterised by a widespread presence of economic activities of small and medium size, and number of service functions to productive companies. A totally new initiative, therefore, that aimed to fill a gap then present in the scenario of Italian education.
In October 1991, just 26 months after the project had begun academic activities started, transforming LIUC in the seventh non-state universities present in Italy, the concrete expression of the need for strategic synergy between university, businesses and the territory.

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