Top Software Development Companies in Finland

Last updated on 20 May 2024
Top Software Development Companies in Finland


By Jenny Egnér Lin

There are plenty of jobs for developers in Finland. The large cities Helsinki, Oulu, Tampere and Turku all have a vast number of open positions for software professionals. Companies such as Glassdoor and Great Place to Work give insights to which companies have the best work environment for employees. Talented, a recruitment agency based in Finland has listed the most attractive employers for software engineers, based on votes from people inside and outside the industry. See the Top 20 Software Development Companies in Finland listed below.

1. Bitfactor

Bitfactor has offices in Helsinki and Oulu, and is a design driven consulting company mastering design, software engineering and analytics. Bitfactor has several large clients with interesting cases. They work in Java, JavaScript, and DevOps.

2. Columbia Road

Based in Helsinki, Columbia Road is a digital growth consultancy by Futurice with strong expertise on growth hacking, full-stack marketing and digital commerce. They use programming languages Ruby, Scala, PHP, JavaScript, Java, C#, among others.

3. Eficode

Eficode has offices in Helsinki, Tampere, Copenhagen, Gothenburg, Stockholm. They work in numerous languages including Scala, Ruby, Python, Java, AWS, Azure, JavaScript, Node.js. React, Clojure, CI, DevOps. Eficode is a versatile consulting company with highly interesting customer cases.

4. Fraktio

Fraktio is based in Helsinki, and uses JavaScript, Scala, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, MySQL, AWS, and Docker. Described as a club-like environment with easygoing folks, Fraktio is a well managed company that wants to succeed.

5. F-Secure

F-Secure works with Java, Python, JavaScript, C++ , C# Objective-C, Android, iOS, Linux, AWS, and has offices in both Helsinki and Oulu. Apparently deemed a dream workplace for hackers, many see F-secure as the place to work for those interested in information security.

6. Futurice

Located in Helsinki, Tampere, London, Berlin, Munich, and Stockholm, Futurice is a large and fun IT consulting company. Working primarily in Node.js, Typescript, Clojure, Swift, Kotlin, SQL, NoSQL, it has one of the nicest work environments on the list.

7. Gofore

Gofore is an IT consulting company operating from Helsinki, Jyväskylä, Tampere, Swansea, and Munich. It is one of the best companies in producing services for the public sector. They offer development opportunities for junior developers, which is a large perk for anyone interested in career development. Working with modern techs, Java, JavaScript, Docker, and DevOps,

8. New Things Co

New Things Co is based in Helsinki and operating in JavaScript, TypeScript, Node.js, React, Redux, RxJS, Ramda, Clojure, Scala, Java8, Spring Boot, AWS, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, DevOps, and Machine Learning. They are a subsidiary of Reaktor, and are all about curiosity towards the newest technologies and the world. The pack of experts explore, experiment and stretch the limits in order to change the way consulting is done. It is a great place for personal and technical development.

9. Nitor

Nitor is located in Helsinki and uses modern techs, Java, Angular, React, JavaScript, Clojure, AWS, Android, and iOS. They are a digital engineering company that has become one of the coders' favourite workplaces. Easy-going people with great attitude towards working.

10. Polar Squad

Polar Squad in Helsinki work in AWS, Terraform, Kubernetes, Ansible, Docker, CI/CD tools, and is a fresh DevOps consultancy company that is growing fast. Polar Squad helps its clients' development teams become more productive at delivering software to production.

11. Reaktor

Reaktor is an all star consulting company and developers' all time favourite. Indisputably one of the nicest places to work at, with highly skilled colleagues and interesting cases. Headquartered in Helsinki, Reaktor also has offices in Amsterdam, New York, Tokyo, Dubai, Turku, and Tampere. They work primarily with JavaScript, Typescript, Clojure, iOS, Android, Kotlin, SQL, AWS, Python, and Java.


Reaktor’s head office in Helsinki. Photograph accredited to dSign Vertti Kivi & Co.

12. Reaktor Space Lab

The Reaktor Space Lab is based in Helsinki, and is a dream for anyone interested in space technology. An experienced developer truly gets to work hands on with building satellites, ground stations and services on top of those. Coding languages used are mainly C, Python, Docker, Gnuradio, and Linux.

13. Smartly

Smartly is based in Helsinki and employs Ruby, PHP, Redis, Python, JavaScript, Cassandra, Dockey. They are a fast-growing company which makes it inspiring to follow. Smartly has skyrocketed as a business and is a great place for employees’ professional development.

14. Supercell

Located in Helsinki and working with iOS, Android, Java, and C++. Supercell is the best workplace for developers interested in mobile games. Semi small development teams, are working in a supportive and enthusiastic atmosphere.

15. Tomorrow Tech

Tomorrow Tech in Helsinki makes digital products with passion. With an experienced team, it is a great place to learn and work with interesting technologies such as Java, Scala, Clojure, Kotlin.

16. Unity

Unity is a great place for game enthusiasts. They have interesting cases and a nice working environment where people don't hide their excitement. They are based in Helsinki and work in JavaScript, MongoDB, iOS, Android, OpenGL, Go, Redis.

17. Upcloud

As the name may give away, Upcloud is a domestic cloud service provider. They have an excellent team and great product, coding in Python, React, Perl, MySQL, PostgreSQL, KVM, Linux, and Solaris. The office is located in Helsinki.

18. Vincit

Vincit has offices in Helsinki, Turku, Tampere, and work in Java, C# / .NET, Clojure, JavaScript, Python, and Ruby. Vincit is a large domestic consulting company. It is one of the best workplaces in Finland, known for its supportive salary model.

19. Wunderdog

Wunderdog uses Scala, Clojure, Java, and Javascript, and has offices in Helsinki, Berlin, and Lund. You might have found the company through their witty brain-teasers. They are a well managed, approachable and sympathetic competitor against the large consulting companies.

20. Zalando

Headquartered in Berlin, the German e-commerce giant has put a great deal of business effort in Finland, and has made Helsinki the tech hub of the company. It is a great place for those who want to work in the e-commerce industry. At Zalando you get to work with JavaScript, Python, PostgreSQL, Java, AWS, Scala, Go, Hadoop, Cassandra, Docker, and Clojure.


Zalando Helsinki office. Photograph accredited to Zalando.

About the author: Jenny Egnér Lin is born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden, and holds a B.Sc. in Business and Economics from Stockholm School of Economics and a M.Sc. in Strategic Market Creation from Copenhagen Business School. With firsthand experience from studying in Europe, she is sharing prime insights about life as a student at a European university.