Study in Romania

Study in Romania

Last edited on 18 Apr 2024

Welcome to Romania

Romania is home to over 21 million people and the capital city, Bucharest holds nearly 2 million of them. Romania is situated in the South-Eastern part of Central Europe, between Eastern Europe and the Balkan Peninsula. Romania's natural landscape is almost evenly distributed between mountains, hills, and plains. Romania has become more and more popular as a vacation resort offering both the sunny beaches of the "Romanian Rivera" and ski resorts as a counterpart. Romania gave birth to some extraordinary scientists and engineers, most of whom have actually changed the world.

Studying Abroad in Romania

Study Abroad in Romania may be an enriching way to combine earning undergraduate credits with travel to a foreign destination. Romania actually has four seasons; the Black Sea area attracts people in summer and the skiing resort area along the Valea Prahovei attract winter enthusiasts. Often overlooked for the more glamorous destinations of Western Europe, study abroad in Romania for an alternative adventure that will immerse you within an archetypal Eastern European culture.

Study in Romania

Studying in Romania will give you a study experience under constant development, aiming for modern and up-to-date institutions of higher education. Romania boasts many centuries of academic excellence. A rich academic heritage is based around many landmarks in human knowledge, and today’s Romania higher education institutions benefit from this lasting legacy. In Romanian, international students get advantage of wonderful blend of tradition and modernity, vitality and performance, along with traditional and new campuses at low cost. Study in Romania also offers a unique cultural experience in a dynamic and multinational environment.

Scholarships to Study in Romania

International students may be accepted to study on the basis of scholarships granted by Romania, unilaterally or in the framework of bilateral agreements, through the competent authorities in their countries or on the basis of scholarships and grants offered by other states or by international organizations.